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山水蒙Unrequited love

Mrs Tan was introduced to me by my ex staff, who was impressed by my divination
articles that I posted in this website. Mrs Tan called and asked me to do a reading
on her marriage. Based on her phone number, I got the guas as followed:-


Current : Unenlightened
Moving yao : Li gua
Process : returning
Resultant : corrupting

Realised that her husband's guas has rat, horse and rabbit - all these are peach
blossom branches and they are all clash, harm and indecent punishment. On top
of that they belong to the lower guas which means that his characters, personality
and actions are not easily seen or detected by others. I paused and tried to
find the right words to say without hurting or embarrassing her.

Sensing my silence, Mrs Tan assured me, "you need not worry anything, I'm very
well-prepared. I hope you can be honest to me."

With this assurance, I just blasted, "your husband has quite a number of peach
blossom elements, which means he can be very flirtatious and may have a woman
outside (strong indication from process hexagram). He maybe closer to this woman
than to you, perhaps, he feels that you are giving him a lot of stress and pressure
 (I was comparing the current and process hexagram)."

"It is he the one who gave me pressure and not I gave him pressure. I supported
the family, the house loan, his car loan, his credit cards debts and his living
expenses when he was out of job in ….."

"2004 and 2005?"

"Yes, how do you know?"

"Oh, from the guas."

"What else can you see? Can you see when did he die?"

Shocked by the question, but quickly composed myself and looked at the guas again.
Her husband's element is water and is not supported by any metal. Guessed that
he might have died on a day that was strong in earth. I ventured,"2009, April,
July or October."

"Yes, you are right. He died in April 2009, one month after our daughter was
born. He did not leave a single cent to me. All his CPF went to the other woman."

Oh, with this information about her new born daughter, I could understand why
his death was so sudden, especially after his daughter's birth. If he belongs to
water element, the daughter would be earth. He died on an Earth Day, Earth
Month and Earth Year and also on Earth Hour. With the daughter, another Earth
element, it is not surprised that he died on that day - there were simply too much
Earth on him, smouldering him out. He died of cardiac arrest.


Thank you letter from Jenny Ng

Teacher Youyi,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you took to help me in my case yesterday.

Meantime  would also like to let you know that the knowledge you taught in the class is very exclusive! Your generosity in sharing your wisdom, personal experiences and “secrets” are so inspiring - so practical and down-to-earth. I felt you have the gift to transmit everything in simple words despite this being a complex subject.


Thank you letter to from Shanan

Dear Teacher Youyi and Michelle,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the Yi Jing class. Honestly, i'm pretty worried that what i had learnt will go into drain as even now i'm still not confident to use Zi Wei Dou Shu. There are too many things to remember and considerations to be made.



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