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Forecast on the movement of COE prices (Up or Down) 24-Apr-2013

Topic: Forecast on the movement of COE prices (Up or Down) 24-Apr-2013

Recently I was selling my 1600cc car and I came across a potential buyer who wants to see whether the latest COE prices will go up or down. Immediately, I told him it will go up. Because, he said go up first.

After which, I use the actual date to cast a gua, and gotten the following.

☴(辰)5   (丑)7     (丑)7

(未) (未)8     (未)8

Observation Peeling Peeling

Original Gua (Observation): Everyone is watching today's COE result. Xun as wind as not steady, ☷ Kun as the masses.

Resultant Gua (Peeling): The earthly branches of Chou Wei has a hidden clash. Hence, Small Car COE and Big Car COE will go in opposite direction, i.e. One will go up and the other will go down. It will not be both up or down.

Gen as small, can be used to represent the Small Car COE.

Kun as elderly as big, can be used to represent the Big Car COE.

Reading directly from the gua, ☶ Gen gua is on top, hence Small Car COE price will go up. ☷ Kun gua is below, hence the Big Car COE price will go down. The Peeling gua can also be seem as the petty man is in-charge. There is more Yin Yao than Yang Yao, resulting in the small will surpass the big. As a result, the small car COE will rise and come very close to Big Car COE, if not surpass it.

The Actual Result of COE prices on 24-Apr-2013: Big Car COE price came down. Small Car COE price went up and surpass Big Car COE by less than $500.

Translated by Simon.


Thank you letter from Jenny Ng

Teacher Youyi,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you took to help me in my case yesterday.

Meantime  would also like to let you know that the knowledge you taught in the class is very exclusive! Your generosity in sharing your wisdom, personal experiences and “secrets” are so inspiring - so practical and down-to-earth. I felt you have the gift to transmit everything in simple words despite this being a complex subject.


Thank you letter to from Shanan

Dear Teacher Youyi and Michelle,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the Yi Jing class. Honestly, i'm pretty worried that what i had learnt will go into drain as even now i'm still not confident to use Zi Wei Dou Shu. There are too many things to remember and considerations to be made.



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