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Your Choice Shape Your Future

Where we are today is the result of the cumulative decisions and choices we have made to date.


Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui™

Time Space Feng Shui Mastery

Learn to "read" your environment!

Are you surprise to know that the new house that you've just moved into, holds a story to your life?

Bazi Self-Mastery

Time Space Destiny Mastery™

Bazi Self-Mastery

In the Bazi Self-Mastery course, we would bring students more into the how-to and solution portion of the Bazi study.


Feng Shui Practical Intensive™

Feng Shui Practitioner Intensive

Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui, Feng Shui Practitioner Intensive course is designed to take students beyond the lecture room.


Call for Upgrading

During the student workshop on Aug 16, Teacher Youyi put forth an invitation to our existing students for them to attend our 2011 Feng Shui course at a special rate. Many student picked up the offer on the spot.

Since then, several  students have approached me asking what are the main differences in the course content. I myself was from the 2009 Sept batch where Feng Shui content was covered across 3 evenings, with no practical sessions. I then came back for Feng Shui practical lessons in 2010.

I could vividly remember my first practical lesson, it was nothing like what I’ve been expecting.  The session begin at 12pm and stretched all the way into 9plus in the evening. It’s an integration and application of  the knowledge I’ve picked up from class.  
Teacher Youyi himself facilitated the whole process, pointing out to the students what we should be looking out for, at the same time verifying the group’s finding with the house owner. (where else could you find session where the master would answer your questions on the spot and guide you step by step in conducting a Feng Shui audit in front of the owner? Right or wrong we knows on the spot! )

The Feng Shui component coverage has been expanded considerably from  9hrs (3 evenings) to a full flag course of more than 80 hours. Topic range and depth has increased significantly. To make learning more effective and interactive, Teacher Youyi had introduced an improved step by step framework to apply what is been taught. Coaches would be present in class and practical session to help students clarify concepts.

I’ve included a list together a list of topics  covered in the current Feng Shui Course below:

Perhaps the one of most significant addition to the course would be that Teacher Youyi will be imparting his knowledge on utilizing Qi. Those who have attended the 2010 would agree that what is taught during Feng Shui practical is already very flexible and powerful, imagine how much more we could achieve via utilizing another layer of knowledge.

For students who are keen to attend the new course syllabus but have missed Teacher Youyi’s offer during the last Student workshop, do call UYJR for more information.

Now let's hear from those who have attended our recent Upgrading Course:


The upgraded course I attended recently from Oct 2011, is more comprehensive and it covered most aspect of what is needed to conduct a professional fengshui audit of a residential unit. Additional case study were given which benefited us as it widens our analysis perspective.

Teacher Youyi's teaching is very interesting , interactive and he is willing to impart the knowledge that he acquired over many years  to us. He trained us to think out of the box instead of confining to just theory and formula.

Best Regards,
Ken Chew
Property Agent


This Feng Shui upgrade course is indeed rewarding as the in-depth analysis and very detailed examples painstakingly explained by Teacher Youyi allows us to have a deeper and even new understanding of the concepts taught previously.
These additional knowledge will indeed equip me with additional tools to apply in Feng Shui audit.
Highly recommend students to go for this course!

From CK Toh


I am very glad to have signed up to for the recent upgrading course on Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui in October 2011.

Teacher Youyi has added more teaching materials and case studies to this course.  More pictures, photographs are included, we are now able to better visualize the scenario, the relationship between stem and branches, deeper understanding of the hexagram vs branches and the time space relationship.

I am deeply impressed by the students enthusiasm during the small group discussion. Students are grouped into small team for case studies.   For instance, Teacher provides a real case example, students will participate in decoding as a team,  I can sense the high energy and spirit among the students, each and every one is enthusiastic in analyzing, decoding and verifying the good and bad of the case.  

Last but not least, one important factor here, Teacher Youyi has emphasized to students the importance of learning "Yi"(易) the philosophy of life "Destiny" and "Luck", the Art of Dealing and Handling Life (Cause and Effect) and the Making of Right Choices!

In my opinion, for a couple of thousands that I have paid, the value I received is worth at least 10 times more. Definitely value for Money!

From:  CY Tan(Production Manager)

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Thank you letter from Jenny Ng

Teacher Youyi,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you took to help me in my case yesterday.

Meantime  would also like to let you know that the knowledge you taught in the class is very exclusive! Your generosity in sharing your wisdom, personal experiences and “secrets” are so inspiring - so practical and down-to-earth. I felt you have the gift to transmit everything in simple words despite this being a complex subject.


Thank you letter to from Shanan

Dear Teacher Youyi and Michelle,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the Yi Jing class. Honestly, i'm pretty worried that what i had learnt will go into drain as even now i'm still not confident to use Zi Wei Dou Shu. There are too many things to remember and considerations to be made.



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