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Where we are today is the result of the cumulative decisions and choices we have made to date.


Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui™

Time Space Feng Shui Mastery

Learn to "read" your environment!

Are you surprise to know that the new house that you've just moved into, holds a story to your life?

Bazi Self-Mastery

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Bazi Self-Mastery

In the Bazi Self-Mastery course, we would bring students more into the how-to and solution portion of the Bazi study.


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Feng Shui Practitioner Intensive

Yi Jing Time Space Feng Shui, Feng Shui Practitioner Intensive course is designed to take students beyond the lecture room.


Change your Feng Shui, change your luck!

I have had experience in seeking consultation from feng shui master Stephanie Lee for my current rented home. It took me sometime to be convinced that we must be aligned with the elements in order for life to be smooth for the family members.

The FSM came and she spent 2 hours in my house and then another 2 hours walking the neighbourhood. She then did a detailed debriefed on what the combination of the house location/facing and the external environment meant to each member of my family. She then gave us instructions on what furniture we had to shift, changed bedrooms for my sons and the sleeping locations for my wife and I. There were other furniture items that had to be re-located, some specific set of colours that I had to get for certain sectors of the house.

After that she left, and we started to move the furniture around, went to get some curtains, and other items. She then returned a week later to check and see if all was alright - another one hour with us.

The strange thing is that before all these were happening, my elder son was faring poorly at school - he couldn't get into any university and he contemplated repeating or we had to dig into our pockets to send him overseas. He was also down because he couldn't get into OCS. Then after the FSM Stephanie's advice and our adjustments, she told us straight in the face that my elder son's luck was changing.

Within one month, we received news that my son had toppped his company at the specialist school and he went on to OCS. Then a few months later, he was accepted into NTU after going through the same interview that he went through without success just a year ago.

There were other interesteing improvements in the family - younger son who was failing his 1st year common tests; scored 4As for his H2 subjects at the "A" levels. My relationship with my wife has also made tremendous improvements.

Right now, we are looking to buy a house. And after we view it and like it, the "drill" is to get Stephanie to take a look. Done it six times and only one house was good for us. Another would be ok with adjustments. The rest failed.

The good thing about Stephanie's method is her dedication to detail, and she has not asked me to buy expensive artifacts. She says they are not needed.

A Very Happy Customer,

Mr Benedict Lim

7 June 2013


Thank you letter from Jenny Ng

Teacher Youyi,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time you took to help me in my case yesterday.

Meantime  would also like to let you know that the knowledge you taught in the class is very exclusive! Your generosity in sharing your wisdom, personal experiences and “secrets” are so inspiring - so practical and down-to-earth. I felt you have the gift to transmit everything in simple words despite this being a complex subject.


Thank you letter to from Shanan

Dear Teacher Youyi and Michelle,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join the Yi Jing class. Honestly, i'm pretty worried that what i had learnt will go into drain as even now i'm still not confident to use Zi Wei Dou Shu. There are too many things to remember and considerations to be made.



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